How to get the sum using autodesign report


I have 1 table “test”.In that i want sum for “sal” column in the report, In the following way.when ever i am using generated design it will come output as follows but when ever i use Auto design it will show the total is:0,so how to get the sum for sal column using auto design?

Ua field:sal-> properties-sumall-yes

Hi shon already i put that option but sum not came?

Hai Naru,

Well then, have u given, autodeign-properties-grandtotal-yes??— this will print the total always!!

also you if its need to be userdefined- then while opening the report in dialog-

go to printing options and check the print grand totals check box.

Hope this will solve the problem



Thank you shon now it will work when ever i put Grant total=yes.

Hey Naru and Shon, you can got to Data Field under DATA node in the report model, and go to its properties.

Below is the detailed navigation:

Report1 → Designs → AutoDesign1 → Data → Field of your choice

In properties window, expand the Aggregation node. There set

Aggregate Function as Sum

Render Grand Total as True

Grand Total Caption as of your choice…

Hope this helps… [:)]