How to get the running report ID

Hi, there anybody knows whether there is a way to get a report ID no. at run time? Thanks Anna


The 1, 2, 3 picture topic is spoiling me. Not only did I answer with images, I have not even answered your question properly. [:D] Look at the Report’s OBJECTID property. Use it as OBJECTID(FALSE) to get a string like “Report 1”.

And remember this object ID is only working when used in normal environment, not from the objectdesigner.[Yeah!] Who ever invented that [V][Duh!]

But what if I ONLY want the ID of the report and not the "report " part? Of course I can do a little dirty trick like this: COPYSTR(CurrReport.OBJECTID(FALSE),8); and then evaluate this into an integer variable… But is this the only way of doing this?? And a little “bonus-question”: Is it possible to get the value of the Processing-Only property of the report, at run-time?

WOW! Version 4 has a CurrReport.OBJECTID function! [:P] BTW - to whoever is still browsing and posting here - the forum has moved to a new location: See you there [;)] Anna