How to get the Role name when we add any privileges,duties or menu items to a role from the Security configuration form with code.

I need to add some validations when i add privileges or duties or menu items by add reference in the Security configuration form.

SysSecSelectObjects,SysSecSelectDuties,SysSecSelectPrivileges all these forms are called by SysSecDialogService( where we can able to get the added objects, not the role name) from Security configuration form to add any objects. Even there is no way to get that details with the init method or ok button clicked method.

When we go in deep ,from the SysSecPublishService class we can able to get the affected roles where they adding that to the tree(UnpublishedObjects) of that form, but no way to get the added objects or duties or privileges names.

Could anyone help me, where we can get both the details of Role and added objects or where/how they are adding the objects to that particular role.