How to get the password on the CUS layer?

Hi! How to get the password on the CUS layer?

Do you mean the layer code, so you connect to CUS layer and develop there? If you have a license for it, you got the codes from Microsoft (or your implementation partner). If you don’t have such a license (X++ source code license), you’ll have to buy it.

Yes I mean the layer code. I have such a license (X++ source code license)? but I don’t know where code the CUS layer

You got it together with the AX license file from either Microsoft or your implementation partner (depending on what kind of organization you’re). Speak to the person in your organization responsible for this kind of things (who order and received the license).

We only have a file with the licenses . There is nothing else . Is it possible somehow to request the code at Microsoft ?

Sure, contact Microsoft and they’ll help you.

Thank you

Hi Aleksandr,

If you got your license , u can find your layer license code as highlighted…

It is on the Microsoft website ?

do you bought license from microsoft ?

As far as I know YES.

More precisely, we bought the partners, but unfortunately there is no connection with them.

Where you saw their code?