How to get the new symbol

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In the Exchange Rates form,i would like to give new Symbol in the symbol column.How can i add to that.

Ex: Currency !! Name !! ISO Currency code !! Symbol

INR Indian Rupee INR `

when am creating a new currency i would like to get This ` please suggest me where can i change the settings and needed to add this font.0358.Capture.PNG


Download and install the Rupees farodean font in your system. Set the font name of the Symbol field to be Rupees farodean and the text should be the tilde symbol (`) - The key which is exactly above the TAB key in your key board. I dont know about AX. I am a NAV developer. I hope this would help you.

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Thanks For reply ,i just got the solution ,but forget to post any way thank u.and

The solution is we have to change the font in the Currency Form—> design -->Symbol

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please help me out in getting new Indian rupee symbol.i have issues in pasting the rupee symbol in symbol field of the currency form.

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