How to get the logged or current user inventory location (InventLocationId) ? How to use it as filter in Query Data Source value Properties in Visual Studio?

Hi Omar, please ask your questions (together with all details necessary to understand your situation) in the body and use a short descriptive title for the thread. Also, please attach a tag with the version (I’ve done it for you this time).

How do you define what’s user’s inventory location? There is no generic logic like that, although there may be some in a particular context. Unfortunately, you haven’t provided such content.

You can either set the range value at runtime by code, or you could create a special filtering function that you can use in properties at design time.

Thanks Martin for swift reply, sorry for not being so clear. can you show me some of those in a particular context. and how can I do that through the code please?

Sorry, but I can’t known the particular context you’re interested in unless you tell us. This information must come from you; I can’t tell you what you had in mind.