How to get started with Microsoft Navision?

How do I get started with Dynamics NAV/Navision? How can I do the things every one else seams to know?

Go on training courses. Read everything you can find on the subject. Practice using the application. Ask questions. Try things out and learn.

thanx to reply me…

u r rite but…

i m a working girl. hw can i manage…?

tell the most easiest process through net…

Generally you can split “learning about NAV” into two camps: learning to program NAV and learning the application.

Which are you interested in?

If you want to learn to program, I recomend you download the sample chapter of David Studebaker’s book on Programming Dynamics NAV and see how you get on. You could also look at the application developer’s guide that is on the product CD/DVD and you could probably also find it on

If you want to learn the application then there are no shortcuts and there is not much on the net. Start with Google, the Microsoft site for Dynamics NAV. You could try the Microsoft Dynamics Community

You can purchase e-learning directly from Microsoft at and find lots of other info.

I think that the Navision-Girl Leaning Journal blog site also had a posting recently about another e-learning offering.

You can find lots of info in this forum, and on the various blogs. Follow the links on my blog posting to see some of the blogs on NAV at

I can also recomend Vjeko Babic’s blog as he writes a lot of “teaching” type articles.

If you are looking for shortcuts then I think you have picked the wrong subject. Have fun.


I think what Gaspode suggested is the way that many people went through in learning Navision.

Why a working girl cannot manage to learn Navision through the process that many people can do. I am sure most of the forumers here are working girl or guy.

Hi Sainika,

There are no shortcuts to success.

When you start using Navision, the first thing you’ll find is that you’ll find it difficult to relate to Navision as a product as you do with other softwares ( Atleast that’s what happened to me) as it is used mostly in Manufacturing industries and other Supply-Chain Management firms.

If you can talk to end users or other people working on Navision, they might give a clear perspective on how it helps them do their work. In that way you can understand it better.

What more, there is an ocean of Knowledge in the posts here. Take your time to go through them. Experiment them with Navision. With time you’ll be able to answer posts like some of the expers here.

Hope you’ll have a nice and fun time learning Navision. All the best.

That’s good advice [Y]