How to get Roles related to a Module

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Can anyone tell us how to get all security roles related to particular module(Like GL,AR,AP…etc) ??..

And is there any security role related to only one module…??

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A role in AX may accomplish multi tasks across the modules. By using the name you can identify some. Example: Inventory clerk

Can you explain?

Do you mean roles that all menu items they can access are in a menu for a single module? Why? Don’t forget that menus are not exclusive (many menu items are used in several menus), which doesn’t fit well to your idea about “related to particular module”.

Hi Martin,
Thanks for ur reply…is there any ( security role) which is related to only one module.?

You still didn’t tell me what’s your definition of “is related to module”, so I have nothing new to say.

Hi Kranthi,
Thanks for ur reply…Is there any dedicated role which is related to only one module…? or can u tell me roles related to Cash and bank management module…?

Hi Martin,
I need to know the roles which are related to Cash and Bank Management Module…

Here is the list of roles. Please see the description of each to get an understanding.…/hh527122.aspx

to start with, look at the menu items (entry points) in the module and see the related security roles.

Hi Kranthi,
Can u tell me which role is more closely related to cash and bank management module…Because more number of menu items and list pages used by that module…Are there any other ways???

cash and bank is integrated to AP, AR and Ledger modules. There is no single role that only provides access to cash and bank. The menu items are shared across multiple roles. Example - Accountant, Accounting manager…
You can look at few of the menu item in that module to see how they are been accessed by different roles.
(Or) you can create a custom role to meet your requirement.