How to get filters of record shown in form

Hi! Can anybody know How to get filters of record shown in form?

  1. declare a text var. 2. onopenform or a trigger you want textvar := rec.getfilters; 3. add textbox for textvar cheers,

Or just use a TextBox with a SourceExpr of GETFILTERS.

I use a subform which display records based on relation from parent table. In this subform user can set own filters. expression rec.Getfilters always return empty string? What wrong?

You could add a function to your Subform that is returning the filterstring; e.g. Function GetMyFilters(): Text250 EXIT(GETFILTERS); Then you could call this function from the Parentform; e.g. MySubformFilters := CurrForm.MySubform.FORM.GetMyFilters(); Regards,

Or maybe the Filters are being implicitly set through the SubFormLink property. This means they will be present on a different FILTERGROUP and not readily accessible with GETFILTERS. You will have to change the FILTERGROUP to 4 and then output the result of the GETFILTERS function. If any of this is unclear, post back.

nelson, thank you! I forget about filtergroup