how to get Dynamic AX 4.0 trial version?


Who knows how to get Dynamic AX 4.0 trial version?

thanks advance

I have been also tryign to figure this out. It doesn’t seem possible right now, all that seems available is 3.00 SP1.

If you find out, please let me know also.

You can download Dynamics AX 4.0 in the partner source section of Microsoft Business Solutions, or contact an ISV.

you must be a patner to download from the above site.

Hi guys.
Can anyone further explain, what I would be able to do in the trial version I download from the provided link?
I guess, I would not be able to develop anything new, and AOT would be blocked off to start from.
Is there a special trial version of dev codes? Or maybe licence codes from version 3.0 will suite AX 4.0? Thanks

Surely its time that the whole Dynamics range of products have similar demo functionality. [;)]

Hello Ivan,

  1. Yes it is the same as it with V3, you will not have access to AOT without a licence code.

  2. V3 codes will not work with V4

  3. If you are a partner you can get V4 codes from partnersource (not just for USA and Canadian partners but all partners) The link is

  4. If you are a customer outside USA/Canada the release date varies from now until later in the year. Contact your partner for the exact timings.

Phil Dawson

Dynamics AX 4.0 can be downloaded from MSDN. There is a post, however, in a Microsoft newsgroup that the ISO might have an error. I am just now in the process of setting it up on a VirtualPC, I’ll let you know later if it worked.

Well I see they have made some long over due updats to the site, including finally Nav 4.00 SP2, and the new ISV ageement. Which is a great step forward for Axapta and Navision (putting us about where GP and SL have been or years [:@] ).

Of course it took me a while to work out that you only see half the stuff in firefox, and need to switch to IE to get the whole picture [:(] but even in IE I can not find AX 4.00 can you tell me where it is. I guess links don’t work, but any help will be appreciated.

As mentioned earlier, the ISO from MSDN is corrupt.

Odd. When I log in, I can only see AX 3.00. Even though I can see some other changes. UNless they removed it in the meantime.

Hi David!
Yes they removed it, so it seems they agree that there was an error with the ISO.

Thanks, I was starting to wonder if we had differnt MSCN access.

By the way did they have an Axapta developers license there, or is it just a demo?

I am not sure a link like this is allowed (it’s not an official site)

so if not, please remove it :slight_smile:

(it has Dynamics AX 4.0 there - I downloaded it yesterday, haven’t really had time to see what I downloaded though)

There are 2 problems about this link:

  1. It’s in Russian :slight_smile:

  2. You have to register at the site to be able to download anything.

Well, I will be glad if it helps anyone

Hi Phil,

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