how to get amount in words

i have form with fields of about 3,

from Sales Invoice Header,as shown below ,i am getting the amount in the amount field,and my requirement is to get the amount in words(in the input type)

i have taken lable(amount in words)

and textbox,(in this textbox i need to get amount in word format i,e seven thousand four hundred thirty eight)5736.amount in words.PNG

Look at the report 1401

And also FORM 404-Check Preview

thank for giving reply sir’s

i have created a function named as word()

i ahve written the code in that function as below shown




checkreport.formetnotext(vartext,amount,currency code);

and later on i am calling this function in

Form - OnActivateForm() and Form - OnAfterGetRecord() but it is throwing an error(the error dimension must be identical);

can please verify it

Did you set Dimensions to vartext variable?

You need to set 2 as Dimensions for vartext variable…


Converter.FormatNoText(vartext,Amount,“Currency Code”);

i got by this code thanks for your kind response