How to get a field from Payment Journal to G\L Entry

If I am posting the Payment Journal,What are the tables/forms are get updated to show the Posted payment Journal details in G\L entry.

Please Guide me guys.



Hi Priggy,

The payment journal is not a table in itself. The payment journal is just on of different pages for the general journal lines.

And all general journal lines becomes general ledger entries when posted. Additionally all lines where the account type is customer get a corresponding (same entry no) customer ledger entry, where account type vendor creates a vendor ledger entry.

Finally posting a general journal creates records in the G/L registry.

As specifically to what is shown onthe posted payment journal details page, then I cannot say, as I don’t know that page.

Which version/localization are you using?

Thanks Erik.

Actually I am trying to create a new field(Name) in G\L entry.If i am posting a payment Journal, that field(Name field) will get update depends on my Payment Journal ‘Account type’(Customer or Vendor).

I am using Microsoft Dynamics Nav 2009 R2.(Nav version 6.0 R2)

Guide me.



I wrote a blog post about that a couple of years ago, look there, or have if you tried to use search. There are already 100’s of post answering the same question. [emoticon:c4563cd7d5574777a71c318021cbbcc8]

It is impossible to tell you how to do the development here - you have to either study the development material, watch the online partner training or participate in a training course.

You are referring to a form (Payment Journal) and you should really talk about a table called Gen. Journal Line, know about Transferfields and codeunit 11 and 12.

It is very important that you understand the most basic way og modifying the standard system - if not you will end up doing the same code a multiple no. of times.



Thank you so much for your valuable advice Palle.

Add a field to Gen. Journal Line table and add the same field to G/L entry table. In Codeunit 12 search for GLentry.init, right below this line add the code glentry. := , this will post to the G/L entry.

Guys,I have created a field “Name” in G\L entry.If i am posting anything in payment journal (Source type as a Vendor) ,the name of the vendor has to come on G\L entry “Name” Field.

If the G\L entry field Source type as a Customer/Vendor ,the Corresponding Customer/Vendor name should come on the “Name” field which i have created.

help me.



Did you do exactly as suggested? Incl. updating codeunit 12?

Yaa I have updated the code in Codeunit 12.(GLentry.init).

Got the output guys,

Thank you u for ur help Sbhatbng, Palle, and Erik.



So it works now? [:)]

Yaa the code works in “Glentry.init” in Codeunit 12 . Initially I have did a mistake in syntax. Now its Working properly.



And you have this code on Codeunit 12 as suggested by [mention:74275055534c437ab13054c27a1ed5fb:e9ed411860ed4f2ba0265705b8793d05]?

I have tried the code which Sbhatbng Said.