How to generate Work Orders from Setups without generating Planned Work Order?

I want to generate Work Orders from Sales Order without MRP

Please tag your AX version.
In AX 2012 , select sales order line → click Product and supply → New → Production order.

And you can auto-firm from planning to skip a planned order with the firming fence.

I want it to generate automatically without doing anything

could you clarify the “without doing anything” in relation to they post which is “without MRP”?

Run planning with a firming fence on creates production orders, and this is on batch, but clearly breaks the "without MRP " part :slight_smile:

I want to know how to “auto-firm from planning to skip a planned order with the firming fence”.

I dont want any planned Work Order as soon as i finish Sales Order, in Line details, Product tab on Sales Order screen, Production Order should be generated.

Firming fence will be applicable if you have a planned order. If you don’t want a planned production/MRP and the production order should be created automatically then you may have to customize it.
Remember that a planned production is not only meant to fulfill the demand created by the sales order.

Set the system up have the delivery method of CTP, then this will generate a dynamic plan, when you accept the date the system should create the production order based upon the firming fence.

Your issue will be the definition of “finishing” a sales order. There is also a timing issue, but you want this at the end of the order then planning still needs to be triggered.

Try CTP and planning configuration first is my advice.

Can you please explain how to do that because my item’s DDC: CTP.

So when you look at the explosion it would have a planned production order i guess. Set your firming fence on the item coverage group for the item to 1 day, load it onto a sales order again, make sure the delivery day is greater than 1 day in the future

Do i need to have planned production Order for that

Well if it works then no. Mrp would create an actual order

I am having a CTP item and i dnt want to perform mrp or explosion to generate Work Orders. It should be generated automatically after sales order is finished. Please help me. can i modify any settings to do that.

CTP uses planning, it runs the MRP dynamic plan. Using CTP and setting the item coverage to firm will create the production order (you need to test this)

There is no concept of “Finishing” an order, you can confirm it, but CTP does not work that way, it is automatic. Not sure how you are using CTP if you dont want to use MRP, it uses MRP so you must configure it to get CTP to work.

If you want a production order to be created at the “finish” of an order automatically without planning you need to customize the system to do that within the defined parameters of your requirements, but in my opinion it is not needed if CTP and configuration works.