how to generate upc code


I need to generate upc-a code in my single item report. I have been searching online for cost-free solutions and it seems like I have to use some 3rd party program to generate the image and import into my report.

Is there better ways to do this? as simple as changing the font of the text. Something like Free 3 of 9 font.



you should be able to just change the font. with my font I had to place a " * " in front and behind the item #.

is there any free upc-a font out there to download? or i will have to buy it

If you have the time then try GOOGLE - else if you need it right now - then Buy it.

google:> upc-a.ttf

I use the one from idautomation

Look at report 10137.

Also each computer that prints the labels will need bar code software installed on it.


I am using NAV 2009 SP1 and I do not have report # 10137, what is the report called?

I am just curious…


thanks for replying, but I am not sure what i am looking for in that report?

When you are generating the UPC you must amend the number by placing * at begining and end. This only works for Code 39 barcodes.

Create a text variable such as SObarcode

then add this code

SOBarcode := ‘’ + “Sales Header”.“No.” + '’;

You would use the field such as item# or whatever you are trying to create of course.

Install the IDautomation code 39 font on EVERY PC.

I have a Codeunit for printing Barcode 39 in navision but i want to print UPC-A, can anyone suggest me the solution

Here’s a real good post about UPC-A

Some good points are:
-EAN-13, based upon the UPC-A standard
-it is recommended that all new designs implement EAN-13 rather than UPC-A
-the bars and spaces themselves are identical in both UPC-A and EAN-13. The only difference is where the “human-readable” numbers are placed

On that note:

IDAutomation has free fonts that work well