How to generate a Payment Voucher

Good day readers, I am currently encountering accounting issues with my system developer for Microsoft Navision. It has now been 2 years and the system developer cannot develop a payment voucher for the financial module.

My question is “How can I generate a payment voucher from Navision for payments made, in particular for expenses payments? My system developer is telling me that we need to set up a vendor card for capturing payments. Honestly if I have 30 different one time payments per month that is DEFINITELY going to clutter my vendor ledger. I would therefore appreciate your advise by return how I can capture these one time payments using the Navision software and generate the payment vouchers with the accompanying cheque numbers.”

Thank you in advance for reading this message and looking forward to your advise.

Due to legislation requirements (mainly tax reporting purposes) I’ve had the same problem in European countries - although we could use a generic Vendor, each time changing its Description, it doesn’t work, as tax registration No changes, too, and all tax reporting goes nuts…

To get rid of these one-time Vendors, we Block them as soon as possible, and a small mod shows a prefiltered on open VendorList, without those blocked ones.