How to Full the table date values in to the FORM


i am facing one problem. i have table in that i am having one field datefield but two values date1 and date2 fields. but in form i have two fields like date1 and date2. now i want to display the date1 and date2 values from datefield. any body know how to do this ? please give me reply ASAP…

“One field and two values” - what does it mean? Do you have two record in the table and want to use different records for different form controls?

Hi Martin,

i have one filed that is enum and having two values date1 and date2. below is the my table structure

account datefield dates name
32323 date1 12/12/2012 ddfs
232323 date2 14/12/2012 fds
4343434 date1 14/10/2012 fds

and also i have two fields in the form (date1 and date2) when the user search user details with user name date1 and date2 should be display from the table in to Form. Please let me know still if you are not clear the requirement.




Can you be more clear with the requirement…


Can u be more clear with the requirement…

All right, so you want to display data from two records for a given user name.

The easiest way is to use a grid with the enum and date.

Or if you want to use two DateEdit controls, they need to be bound to different datasources - one filtered by date1 enum value and the other by date2 value.