How to fix the length of the body in report?

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Can you help me in this.

void executeSection()
if(counter >= 12)
element.newPage(); // again 12 lines printed, make the page break now!
counter = 0; // and reset the counter to count the next 12 items


code for printing 12 line in one page then move to second page and so on… When i am putting this code in body of Report, then it doesn’t print anything and moves to the second page leave the page blank. when i remove this code, it’s printing the 17 lines into the same Page.

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Kireet Kumar


You intially declare the value of counter to be 12, then reset it after the printing of first page,

Ur code seems to be like on first condition you are trying to check the Counter value, that’s y the lines are printing on the second page.

Don’t remove super()…

when i put the super() it goes into the infinite loop


actually it’s not printing anything on first page too.

there might be another problem which causing this.

You need to have super() in the executesection() (if the content in the section need to executed)

Hi ,

Try this




if(Count > 12)



count = 0;


Hi Jyoti,

this is not the solution to my problem. It behaves in the similar way(infinite loop, when the line goes above 12 line)

Thanx Anyway!

You need to debug the executeSection() and check out the logic which causes the infinite loop.

Hi Kireet,

I got ur problem, try to check this solution,

Step 1:- Declare an variable int x in class declaration part of the report,

Step 2:- Go to the Design → Generated Design/autodesign → body → execution method and pate this bit of code,

public void executeSection()
x = x+1;

if(x ==12)
x = 0;


for sure this will work exactly as ur req…:slight_smile:

Hi Yeswanth,

I had tried it works in the same goes into the manner(goes into the infiniteloop).

till the 11th line its working fine as it enters into the if condition it goes into the infinite loop.

And i am not being able to understand why it goes into the infinite loop as it enters into the if condition.

Can you explain me your report in detail if possible?? and the codes written in the report??

hi Yeswanth,

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hi ,

Please check your mail.(xpo)


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