How to finish a production order with zero output


Have a situation where an item was to be made. Parts have been consumed but no finished item was made due to complications. Question: How can I change the status to of the order to finished when there is no output, the system prevents you from doing this.

If I post an output journal for the finsihed qty and add along side this a value in the scrap qty field same as finished I had expected that the two would cancel one another out allowing me to finsih my order with the net output of zero but it just posts the finished output, any ideas ?.

Also can’t delete order until some sort of output posted.


To resolve the above situation, u can follow the below procedure.

  1. Even though the entire output is scrapped, post the output journal with a quantity of one.

In this way, when the production order’s output gets invoiced, the program moves the associated manufacturing costs from WIP to the

finished goods inventory account.

  1. Make a negative adjustment for the quantity of one for the finished item in question, and create a fixed application between the

adjustment line and the output line to ensure the correct costreversing.


In my opinion,

The output should be posted for the entire Production order quantity.

Otherwise, the Cost of the finished Item will get affected.