how to find who modifed the record

I found the field “Requisition System” of some Item records were modified. I want to find out who has modified the records. Any help is welcome! Thanks

Hi gillie, You can use change log management in 3.60 or write your own modification for that. But these would be for future changes. IF you did not have any of that activated then you will not be able to find out who did that in this particular case. Do you use SQL or Navision native db? Cristi

Our navision 3.01 is based on SQL

Yep ! The master records have the new “Change Log” feature and the transaction data will have the wonderful “User ID”. So the audit trail is now pretty strong in Navision. However the change log is available only from Version 3.60 onwards, but as Cristian mentioned, it shouldnt take you long to incorporate the same design into 3.01. Cheers

hi In NF-2.60 if u want to trace the modifcations you have to write your own codes. We have done this by writting triggers and maintaining logs of the changes. There is no other way there. WR Hari

Hi Gillie, I am not a SQL person but I know there is a lot of logging going on the SQL end. Maybe you could find that out from there (speak with your SQL person). Cristi