How to Find who are all having access rights for a specific form


How to Find who are all having access rights for a specific form. for example, Dimension form or Item details form, how to get the all user access names for whom create, view, edit permissions given. Thanks in advance.

Hi Gopinath,

Open the form => right on form => Personalize => Information tab > copy the menuitem name

In system administration \ Setup \ Security \ Security entry point permissions, open with “load additional metadata”/

Search with the menu name and you can find the access. Users, you will know from the Security roles form, to whom this is assigned.

Apart from these, am not sure how to find with respect to your query. Hope this helps.

Regards, Elmer.

I didn’t find this “Security entry point permissions form”. However, there is another way which we can rely on…AOT>Forms> go to the form name>righclick - Add-ins>Security tools>View related security roles

We can get to know the roles and from there we can check who are the users assigned to the roles.

Thanks Santosh…this is good option indeed.

Well, security entry point permissions is very much helpful tool from Microsoft where we can see if the role is enterprise or functional or task or none (helpful in case of customized roles) and also we can set permissions from the menu by creating duplicates. Here is where you find the security entry point permissions


Regards, Elmer.

Have a look on

AccessRightsList Table

Hi, Elmer

Thanks, I should have mentioned the version. we are using Ax 4.0. We don’t have “Security Entry Point Permissions” form in it.

Hi Santosh,

Thanks, we are using 4.0 version in which I could not find the option “Security tools” option under the Add-ins. is there any other way.

Hi Deepak,

Thanks, AccessRightsList table does not possess the user names of those who have access to specific form, but it provides the list of usergroups with which the form is tied up. Is there any other way to get the list of users names who has been assigned access rights for specific form.