How to find which company is a logged on user using


Is it possible to know which company a logged on user is actually using?


Not sure in what context you are asking. But curext() and will both give current company name.

Hello Elmer,

Go to User options (form)

Microsoft Dynamics AX menu > Tools > Options…

Go to the Status bar tab: Select the information that you want to display in the status bar. The status bar is located at the bottom of the client workspace.

Select the field “Show company accounts” to display the name of the current company account on the status bar.

Note: By selecting Show company accounts, you can easily change company accounts by double-clicking the name on the status bar.

After doing this whenever you want to know the current session company you can just see it in the status bar.

If you want to know the current company name through code then you can use the curExt function. This function retrieves the extension used for the current company.

str curExt()

Use this function instead of to avoid a call to the server tier.