How to find where a document is created

Hi All,

Please can you help me on something?

How can I find Creation Date of a document in NAV. I have the Document No.

I don’t want Document Date but the date that the document gets automatically from the system.


What document are you looking for? Unless you have a custom field created you cannot find the document by creation date. You need to provide more information as to what you are looking for.

If you actually meant when a document is created, then there it’s not stored as standard as a field on the documents. It is possible (and actually quite useful) to track it through the Change Log. It can be set to log Insertion of specific fields (such as the documents “No.” field) and gives you not just the date but the precise time also. If it’s not already turned on then the best you can do is set it so you have a record of when your future documents are created, not the ones already in - or having passed through. Remember this tells you when the blank document is first entered into the database, not when the user has finished entering all the lines. Change log can track nearly anything but you should be selective as it adds processing overhead.

Another possibility is if you have archiving set up (possible on sales or purchase quotes, orders and/or return orders). If it’s enabled then it may also be set to automatically archive documents when they’re printed. That may not help if your documents are not all printed as a standard part of the process.

I think those are the only possibilities in standard NAV.

The closest thing is the Order Date on the Header table if you talk about Sales and/or Purchases.

BUT - If you are a developer then its easy to create a new field - and on the insert-trigger of a table and say NewDateField := Today;

But I really think you should tell why you specifically want the creation date???