how to find this material is Rejected against this GRN

Hi experts.

I have Two Locations. LOC A , LOC B.

I always place the porder against the location LOC A, receive the material to LOC A.

After that sample will go to QC , if it is rejected then that stock will transfer to LOC B manually using Item Reclass journal.

when i try to send the rejected material to supplier then which apply to Entry i have to selcet from the Rejected Location LOC B( when i transfer the material From LOC A to LOC B , there is no link between GRN to ttransfer entry).

Please throw some help about the functionality.

What you have posted sounds correct.

There would be if you serialised the items, but otherwise the process are technically unrelated except by item number, you may be able to do something with the item ledger entry but not something I have ever looked at. You will have to do this solely by item or on a best guess date basis depending upon your processing, the issue with the item is that if you purchase from multiple suppliers it will not work really. Why do you need the information at this level? What is the volume of rejections?

Thanks Steven sir,

The volume of Rejections are high ,

They purchase the same item from the different suppliers.

client not using the Item tracking functionality.

So really it is a big challange to solve the problem.

so please share your experience about major issue.

I have not encountered your issue in the same format and how you are processing, so I have no experience to share on it I am afraid. What I would do is get a developer to tell me how I can track ILE movement when I transfer it, if it is not possible I would need to modify the system to achieve this and enable a solution.

Thank you sir,

I would like to know onething.

How do u handle the Rejected material scenrio in Navision?

that means if received - 100 PCs at Location LOC A .

out of 100 , rejected quantity - 40 .

So did u transfer the rejectd quantity to another location - LOC B or put in the same location LOC A.

please let me know.

If the rejected material id returned to the supplier then, you will have to raise a Purchase Return Order/ Purchase Credit Memo at LOC A with Return Reason code.

If rejected material is not return, then you will have post negative adjustment with Item journal at LOC A with reason code.

Later if any report is required for Rejected Materials. then the entries on Item Ledger for LOC A with return codes can be generated.


Yep that is what I would do, the question then is why you move it to location B. In many instances the check is done prior to receipt, so they reject the goods and get the supplier to collect them.

if i did not move then how can i know how much quantity is Rejected .

Even it is Rejected today , it will take 2- 7 days to transfer the materil to supplier .

due to all these reasons client want to segrate the quantity which is accepted and rejected.

I dont think so , because once receipt is happend then based on the Received quantity GRN has to prepare then based on QC result u come to know which is accepted and which is rejected.

with in this process stock will update in ILE as 100.

So why does it take 2-7 days, this processing lag is causing your issue. Returning it straight away is what business want to do to get rid of the stock and not pay the supplier or be liable for it.

You dont think in my experience the checks are done prior to receipt - how do you know what my experience is?

This statement is still true for me no matter what you think, this could be down to the lack of QC functionality inherent in NAV so why bring it in and cause issues. In AX the quarantine and quality orders are used because the functionality exists.

I cannot really help, you want to process in a certain way, and you are complaining becuase you have chosen to process this way that it does not work for you. Have you looked at the magic wand codeunit?

Anyway, you can move items as you planned, and follow my suggestions, I hope you will be able to get required reports on rejected quantity

Becuase customer has a agreement with supplier if the material rejected , then supplier has to carry material in his vehicle. so that it will take time.

Your suggestion when the supplier send the material , - 100 pcs , dont receive this stock in Navision .

when the quantity is accepted then only that quantity should update in navision .

This is what you are saying .

Please let me know.

Thanks ,

Better to read my post one more time , then u can understand what is the Issue.