How to find the table name of a form

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In Axapta we have the many forms like customer , vendor , item , Purchase order and sales order. Genreally what ever the data we enter in the form level that would store in the table level . I would like to know when i open any form how can i know what is the table name of that form .

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A form can source many tables and can update many tables. Once in a form you can usually right click in the form and select setup. The information and query tab will give some good info. If you have further access you can look at the datasources in the form for some information regarding the tables.

Thanks Shaun,

Can you guide me the path for data sources in the form , because i did not find any name with data sources.

Hi Lilly the best thing is open the form to view the data and right click on any one of the fields then go to setup there you can see the Tablename.field name.

Or else open the form in AOT → Forms then expand the data sources node of the form, there you can see all the list of data sources select any one of the data sources right click and go to properties there you can see the table name.

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If you are looking for what are all the tables would effect when you post any document / Journal ,follow the below process.

you can use the SQL profiler to get sure which tables are used and will effect when you post sales order with different options like Packing slip / Invoice …