How to find the cost amount for the item?

Hi All,
How to find the cost amount for the item?
I have to display the on hand item warehouse wise. So, I don’t have invent dim id.
Please help me to solve this issue.



On-hand tab of the On-hand form will show you both Physical and Financial Cost amounts for the item. If you are looking for specific receipt or issue then you should be looking at the Transactions form.

Use Inventory=> Dimension display option to display on-hand inventory according to your required dimensions.

Hi, Thanks for your reply. I can’t understand the cost price method. I need to use x++ select for this. Any idea about this? Thanks, Hari

why do you need a select, when you have an existing API’s

look at \Classes\InventOnhand\costPricePcs

Hi Kranthi,

I am preparing customized on hand report using RDP class.

You are right. Can you please explain me how to use InventOnHand class for call the method “costPricePcs”?




Thanks for your support.

I have written the job to find the on hand cost price as per your advice. It is working fine.


static void FindCostPrice(Args _args)


InventDim inventDim;

InventDimParm inventDimParm;

InventOnHand inventOnHand;

InventSum inventSum;


select firstOnly1 inventSum where inventSum.ItemId == ‘001’;

inventDim.InventLocationId = “1”;


inventOnHand = InventOnHand::newItemDim(inventSum.ItemId, inventDim, inventDimParm);

info(strfmt("%1", inventOnHand.costPricePcs()));