how to find report name in AOT


I want to know the name of the report which i see in navigational panel for a particular report


whenever i generate a report

for eg:

I generate a sales invoice report then the name of the report in AOT is “salesinvoice”,

but for some reports such as report generated by posting as picking list I cant find the name in AOT as salespickinglist.


Hai Vikas,

Use Find Tool .Find Tool is very useful for AOT enter cltl+F u can get find Tool .Here u search for ur report name

Hi naresh,

But i dont know the name of the report i generated this through navigation pane

eg: I generated report via this path: Production>Reports>Production papers>picking List

now i want to know the name of this report in AOT>report i.e. prodpicklist

u said to search in AOT >reports

but i am having the name as picking list which shows no result on using the find tool.


HI Vikas,

Many of the reports are directly called by using menu item - whose report name you can find out by right clicking on the dialog that is generated when you open the report - then setup → Information and caller and Edit - which will open the used report.

But some cases - like when you post a purchase order with print option - it will not show you any dialog and it will print a report.

In such case debugger will help you in finding out where exactly the report was called and what report was called. All you need is some patience to do that.

HI Vikas,

U can know the report name by right clicking on any of the field in the dialog box of the report which u have selected on navigational panel

& select the setup, it will open a user set up form.

on the ‘information’ Tab on the set up form u can find a ‘caller’ filed, select the Edit button over there, it will directly navigate to the particular report which ur looking for.

Hope this will Help You,

My English is not that good, please bear me.



Thanks Cheeu and kranti,

both of ur methods really helped me.

@cheeru:ur english is not that bad.

i got all the report names via debugger and caller edit way you told except for the following:

AR>Common Forms>salesorderdetails>inquiries>Picking>printPreview>Use Print Management

this is a sales order picking list ,I am unable to find the name of this report,


Vikas, for that one, its an odd one: WMSPickingList_OrderPick