How to find number of users on a given service tier

Hi all

I have a scenario with 3 Dynamics NAV Servers (service tiers) connected to the same database.
The service tiers all run on Server X and connects to the SQL server on server Y. All is good… :slight_smile:

Now, to have a chance to monitor the load of the servers, I would like to know how many RTC clients have connected to a given service tier.

I cannot find this information in the Session table. It does have the information, that the session is a RTC session, but not to which service tier the client is connected.

I though maybe I could add performance counters on the Performance Monitor in Windows on either the SQl Server or the Service tier computer, but it doesn’t seem to work.

I am not interested in 3rd party tools for distributing the load across t he service tiers (I know a tool can be found on Mibuso), but only want to have some kind of visual view of the load (at least the number of sessions).

Any ideas?

I wanted something similar, which is where a good part of the load balancer code comes from [:(]

Hi Matt

I actually just found this, and it works beautifully :slight_smile: