How to find Entry-Level NAV Professionals. Difficult to fill Job Opportunity.

Could anyone provide insight as to possible ways to identify entry-level talent with Dynamics NAV experience? I have run into difficulty with a position in the Tampa Bay, Fl area that requires a NAV developer paying $40 - $43k, which is an entry-level pay range, however, the only talent I have been able to find is mid-level to experienced and commanding much higher salaries. If anyone knows schools or centers that offer certs, or other ways to find these types of candidates, please let me know. (advertising removed by admin)

Thank you!

It is a contradiction in terms in a market with limited resources. I do not know the US market, but the moment you have NAV experieince in EMEA you are not entry level, you are only ever entry level without the specific experience, even if you have the relevant dev skills or ERP background. I fear you maybe looking for someone who does not exist but will let someone with US market experience throw in 2 cents [:D]

Not too much different in the US. That low of a salary is for someone with no experience. It’s about what I made fresh out of college. Once you have any kind of experience, especially in a rare / limited technology your worth immediately increases. And when you hire someone who is new to it, as soon as they are trained, they will likely realize their worth. So, that person may exist, but only for about 3 months [:)]

I appreciate the response, and that is exactly what I am learning as I dig into outside-of-the-box methods to identify candidates for this client. This may be a scenario where I have to just tell them how it is, and address either the pay rate, or discuss alternate skill sets that would lend to being able to easily train that individual in NAV.

Thanks again!

Nothing is impossible! But what you are asking is close!

What I would do in such an situation would actually to take an end-user with 1-3 years of NAV experience. So someone who actually knows the system very well from the users point of view. What is such an user typically getting paid? 25000-30000?

Take him/her on a crash “consulting course” - make him/her take 1-2 of the standard certifications, depending on which modules he/she worked with before. What would that take you? 1 month?

Then you will have your own Entry-Level NAV professional, someone who would more than happy to work for 35-40000 - I just can’t tell you for how long.

Of course you didn’t say if this professional should be working as a developer. In that case it would look a bit different, as it would more be someone fresh out of collage, and then you would still have to pay for their training in NAV, and to make a good (but still very entry-level) NAV developer it would also take you at least 2-3 months. And you would have someone who would still think that 40000 is actually a low pay…


Entry level after college Bachelor in IT will ask for 40-45K. But it will be very difficult to make him learn NAV – it is not “Sexy” for young IT guy. If you will make him learn you are looking into 6 month of unproductive learning with about 10% chance that he will stay beyond 6 month. He can ask for 60-70K after completing all certifications.

I would recommend few things:

  1. subcontracting – some companies offer 24/7 complete support services for cost of one internal employee. Normally cost for such service depends on number of users and it does not include new/additional implementations – cost is 60K-100K+

  2. Experienced in-house programmer if you believe you have enough work for him – cost is 100K+.

  3. If you want deal with work visa you can find somebody to bring on H1 – cost is 60K+

Last two normally will suit smaller companies – bigger ones will prefer not to depend on one person – deal with company is much less risk.

Update: Thank you very much to everyone who replied. The salary cap on this position has been moved up to $85,000 USD. Hopefully this will make the necessary difference to find the required talent.