How to Filter enum without value (like All values Enum) in SSRS AX

Hii Master,

this’s my code on processReport,

this’s view form filter :


In my case, I want to filtering enum (All Values enum). but when I try like picture code in processReport, the Report Always selected status Created ?

Please, correct me if I wrong? and what should I do ?

Is the enum value for created is 0?
If you remove the first if condition (for ALL), will it not run for all records?

You can also use sysQuery::valueUnlimited();

I did customize in enum, for enum value ( All =3, Created = 0, Shipped=1, Received=2)


I have add code ValueUnlimited(), but Report Always show “created” status,? I try change enum value, (All =0, Created = 1, Shipped=2, Received=3) but when I select status All, data will show Created status and I select Created data will show Shipped Status.

please Correct my code, what the best practice for this case

Ok, are you getting the value in trasferStatus variable correctly?

The TransferStatus has different enum(InventTransferStatus) in that table. Instead, use InventTransferStatus::Created etc…

TransferStatus is variable of enum InventTransferStatus_Axl (enum customization) on ClassDeclaration;

InventTransferStatus_Axl transferStatus;

How can I select status “All”, and data will showing All ? but this’s code always run created.? What should I do, please correction my code if I wrong logic ?

----------This’s code on processReport--------------

if(transferStatus == InventTransferStatus_Axl::All)


q.dataSourceTable(tableNum(InventTransferTable)).addRange(fieldNum(InventTransferTable, TransferStatus)).value(SysQuery::valueUnlimited());


if(transferStatus == InventTransferStatus_Axl::Created)


q.dataSourceTable(tableNum(InventTransferTable)).addRange(fieldNum(InventTransferTable, TransferStatus)).value(queryValue(InventTransferStatus_Axl::Created));


if(transferStatus == InventTransferStatus_Axl::Received)


q.dataSourceTable(tableNum(InventTransferTable)).addRange(fieldNum(InventTransferTable, TransferStatus)).value(queryValue(InventTransferStatus_Axl::Received));


if(transferStatus == InventTransferStatus_Axl::Shipped)


q.dataSourceTable(tableNum(InventTransferTable)).addRange(fieldNum(InventTransferTable, TransferStatus)).value(queryValue(InventTransferStatus_Axl::Shipped));


You code is correct, if the enum values are same. As you are mapping two different enums.

I mean, if the enum value of InventTransferStatus_Axl::Shipped and InventTransferStatus::Shipped are same

I have ensured, Enum value not same. do you have alternative filtering enum value on report ?

Not sure what does that mean?

I mean, Do you have a more efficient way of filtering enum values

Have you tried below in the range value?
InventTransferStatus::Shipped instead of InventTransferStatus_Axl::Shipped
InventTransferStatus::Created instead of InventTransferStatus::Created
InventTransferStatus::Received instead of InventTransferStatus::Received