how to fetch records between two dates (ex: 15/02/2016 to 23/02/2016) in x++?

in between two dates in x++

any one reply me

CustSettlement custSettlement;

date fromdate =str2DateDMY(‘15/02/2016’);

date todate =str2DateDMY(‘23/02/2016’);

while select custSettlement where (custSettlement.TransDate >= fromdate && custSettlement.TransDate <=todate) && custSettlement.AccountNum == ‘DE-001’




If you have field on table that represents the transaction date,

you can write a x++ select or use query framework


While select myTransactionTable

where myTransactionTable.TransactionDate >= mkdate(15,02,2016) // from date

&& myTransactionTable.TransactionDate <= mkDate(23,02,2016) //to date