How to fetch data from front end form to filter data.

Hi all,

I have created a new report in which I need to display data according to “From date” and “To date” coming from front end of “Dialog” form which opens as we click the respective menuitem from front end, but the report is not fetching the from and to date from front end filter the data accordingly.

I wrote its respective code in getFromDialog method to get the data from front end and filter data accordingly, but its still not filtering the data according to from and to date entered by user and is displaying the complete data irrespective of from and to date entered by user.

Also i tried to see some standard reports fetching the data from front end and tried to replicate the same in my report but still its not working.

So can anyone help me? If possible with code. I am doing all these customizations in AX 4.0.


I am new to the development but try to figure out the problem…

Can you please mail me the coding which you are doing on