How To Export And Import Data In Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009

Hi Friends

I Dont Have Knowledge About On Data Export And Import Functionality

In Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009.Any One Have Imformation About This Please Share To Me




  1. Open Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 and click on the “Project” icon

  2. Click on the “Import” icon

  3. Import windows prompted

a. Click on “Browse” button to locate the XPO

b. Unmark the “Import with ID values” checkbox

  1. Check the “Show details” checkbox to display the objects that need to import

  2. Expend the objects that need to import and mark only Project

The reason why only import Projects at the first time is for backup purpose.

  1. Click on “OK” button to import the Projects

  2. Once import complete, the project can be found in the bottom of the project list

  3. Right click the selected project and select “Export” to export the project

This action is to back up the existing objects which are involved in the customization because these objects will overwrite later when import the customization.

  1. Export windows prompted as below

Go trough this Import and export data