How to execute SQL Stored Procedure from Navision?

Folks, Does anyone know how to execute SQL Stored Procedure from Navision[?]? I just curious how to do it. Thanks in advance… Jemmy

Hi, I don’t have idea how to execute it from Navision C/AL code but can suggest you alternate way You can create DLL in other languages (e.g. VB), there you can execute Stored Procedure. That DLL you can call it in Navision through Automation.

Hi, It is possible through ADO automation.

Has found link,object

RAJESH and Anatols, Thanks for your great informations.[:D] I will look forward for the similiar topics on these… Have anyone had experience in the ADO.NET? Jemmy

Hi! If you are able to create the proper SQL-Transact-Script (with NAVISION) you could run it with a SHELL command, usig OSQL.EXE ! Regards,