how to enter serial number of finished good item Ax 2012 to be shown in packing slip

Hi, we want to enter/print serial for the finished good items so that they are shown in the sales packing slip and invoices. I am trying to set up a tracking dimension with serial number active check box ticked (and for sales check box ticked).

From what I understand, I need to register the sales order picklist registration process? But I am not sure where exactly we enter the serial number - say if we sell 5 quantity, we should be able to enter 5 unique serial numbers (manually)

Is there anything we need to change from the production order perspective? we typically create the production order for say 5 quantities and then process the sales order - we just client on the packing slip to create the packing slip.

I see that we can “update line” on Registration or Pick? is this form used to enter the serial number? we are using AX 2012 FP / FIFO

appreciate your input

I created a Inventory number group where I selected “inventory transactions” 1 serial number per each quantity


tracking dimension assigned to finished good as below:

However, when I tried to create a production order for quantity of 5, system prompt to enter only one serial number!! Is there any setting that I missed, so AX can allow us to enter 5 serial numbers - one per quantity?

In the sales order, where will we pick these serial numbered items? i.e. where will we enter/pick the serialized items? For a sale order with quantity of 5, we need to select 5 different serialized finished product.

You need to tick the box that says “serial number control” at the top of the second image. Without it you can have multiple quantities of the same serial number, basically 5 of the same in your example.

Once the production order is received from teh sales order when you generate the pick you can select the reservation tick box and this will reserve the available stock and then it will appear on the picking list - the registration is then pre-populated waiting for confirmation.

Thank you Adam. that worked. In fact, when I clicked on Inventory - registration from the “Report as finished” AX showed start and ending serial numbers.

In the sales order, I am able to pick these serialized items - From the packing slip, I am able to update line and “add picking list updates” and register them for each quantity.

I wonder if there is a way to auto-populate the items say for a qty of 3 in the “picking list update”

thank you

If you reserve on pick creation the serial numbers are pre-populated. If you ship on the parameter of “picking list” it will use the serial numbers registered in the pick

thanks Adam. could you help me to locate where can I “reserve” on the pick. From the packing slip, I can select the line tab and choose the “update line” to land on the pick screen. Is it somewhere here? thanks a lot.

Hi. I want to have automatically batch number with a specific format in sales order for a specific product, and for this product in other transaction, batch number have to be manually. how can i do it?


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To answer your question you cannot, but to be honest it makes no sense - generate a number that is already in stock and will have one to trace it by another makes no sense, but please do not reply to this - I will ignore it, if you have a question post a question as a new thread.