how to enable the Purchase order confirmation in CU7

Hi All ,

Could any one help me how to enable the Purchase order confirmation button in Axapta 2012 CU7 ?

Even i tried with placing a check mark in the following field .

Procurement and sourcing - > Parameters - > Activate change management .

Apart from this do i need to any other setup?

Thanks in advance.

Activate change management turns workflow on. So now you need to configure a workflow and set all of the related workflow parameters. If you do not have this set you can simply press the confirm button.

Thanks Adam ,

You mean to say that If we do not activate the work flow for PO , system will not enable the Purchase order confirmation button. ?


If you DO NOT activate workflow then the confirmation can be undertaken at the loading of the PO so is enabled.

if you DO activate it then ONLY when the workflow is complete will the confirmation button be enabled.

Thanks for the reply.

As you said in the above sentence , i did not activate the work flow and i have filled the all the header and line details , still Confirmation button not enabled in the PO ?

what could be cause ?

And you also said you activated it.

Look at the status of it - is it approved? You might have override on the vendor. You need to check the vendor is not set and the system is not set and then create a NEW purchase order, check nothing is set and then confirm.

Other than that there are no items on it or you have setup security and removed the rights.

This works in our AX 2012 R2 setup.

The user cannot create a new purchase requisition …

a. In one of the purchase requisitions list pages, the Purchase Requisition button in the New group of the action pane is disabled.


b. In the Purchase Requisitions details page, the user clicks Purchase Requisition (on the Purchase Requisition tab of the action pane) and enters their name in the dialog that appears, but when they click OK an Infolog warning appears saying “Field ‘Preparer’ must be filled in”.

In order to perform certain functions in AX (such as creating a new purchase requisition), being setup as an AX user with sufficient privileges is not enough – the user also has to be linked to an existing worker (employee or contractor).

First, make sure that a worker exists for the user (if one does not already, then create one)

1. Human Resources > Common > Workers > Workers

  1. In the grid of the list page, try to find the user

If a worker does exist for the user, you are done here: proceed to the 2nd set of steps

a. Click Hire New Worker (in the New group of the action pane)

b. Enter information (First Name, Last Name, Legal Entity, Worker Type, etc.)

c. Click the Hire New Worker button on the Create New Worker form

d. In the Worker details page, finish setting up the worker

Second, link the user to the corresponding worker

  1. System Administrator > Users > Users

2. In the grid of the list page, find the user of interest and double-click that row

  1. Click Relations (in the Set Up group of the action pane of the User details page)

  2. Click New (in the action pane strip of the User Relations page)

  3. In the right pane (not the grid), select the user in the mandatory Person dropdown list

  4. Click Close to close the User Relations form

RiPi, whilst interesting the question is about purchase orders, not purchase requisitions. [:D]

Any idea what was the cause for this, assuming the Active change management switch is off. and though the status of PO is approved, the buttons on action pane are disabled.

Each situation is different. Are there any lines on the order, is the order refreshed etc. I would suggest posting your question as a new post - people do not look at old posts with replies.

Dear lally ,

I think this is matter of only purchase order type. Kindly verify that purchase order type is not Journal. To make it default please refer to parameter setup.

Procurement and sourcing > Setup > Procurement and sourcing parameters

You can use change management to control the changes that you make to purchase orders in your organization. Change management introduces a managed workflow that makes sure that purchase orders are locked when they have been approved. The purchase orders cannot be changed until you start the change request workflow. When the workflow starts, all changes are stored in a history log, so that you can review the changes and compare purchase order versions.