How to enable debugger in FormLetterService class

Hi Friends,

Could you please answer this. I am processing sales Order invoice where we know that following method is called.

FormLetterService — PostSalesOrderInvoice().

This is a service method which is normally called while you click Invoice button in Sales order form.

I am unable to put Debugger to see how exactly it is processing the operation.

Could someone tell how to enable debugger here and see the processing.


It will be running on IL.
So you have to uncheck the “Execute business operations in CIL” from Tools → Options → Development
Debug in visual studio,…/gg860898.aspx

Dear Kranthi,

Thanks for the reply. I am aware about this but do we really have any option to debug with in AX.


Dear Kranthi,

I Unchecked “Execute business operations in CIL” but it still ignored Debugger.
Offcourse your second really works by moving to Visual studio.

Could you kindly try one thing. Just try putting debugger at FormLetterService — PostSalesOrderInvoice().

I felt impossible to debug at this place. I also unchecked “Execute business operations in CIL” .

Could you please tell if any option exist to debug at this place.

My only intention is to check the code flow and understand the logic.


If “Execute business operations in CIL” is uncheked and your AOS is configured to debug the code running on server then it it should work.

Awesome. Telugu vadivai nandhuku garvisthuna.