How to empty tables when regular (ssrs 2008)

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does any one know how tables get empty after generation of an ssrs report when table type is regular?

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If u set the table buffer as SetTmp initially, then table wil be regarded as temporary table (Or)

You can manually write a code to delete_from for that table.

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Hello Vishal Tiwari,

Thank you for your answer, there is a third case; when you set connection on the table like :


it get empty eventhough regluar, may be it uses somehow SetTmp() ? please tell me if i’am wrong.

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No I don’t think so that the above code is anywhere related to getting the regular table empty.

I suppose you are relating this to a RDP class which extends SrsReportDataProviderPreProcess. Here we take a Regular table wherein the data is getting filled and is further processed to make a report. In the DP class there is a statement:


It sets the userconnection to use on table and is required to ensure that createdTransactionId of inserted record is different than default transaction.

For deleting purpose, there is table**.clear()** method which is called in the insertIntoTmpTable method of the class.

Basically clear method will be used to delete the buffer.

you can use it something like custtable.clear();

Only when you want you buffer to be empty.