How to download hot fix KB 2919062 for CU7 Ax 2012

Dear all,

I got problem of performance with automatically merge code.

I read this article:

and they say I should install hotfix KB2919062 then merge code automatically will be run faster.

And the link to download the hot fix KB2919062 they mention on their article:

But I still can’t download. When I log on to this site as a partner, then I don’t find any hot fix.

Can you please let me know how to download this hot fix: KB2919062

Many Thanks.

If I open the LCS link, I see a big blue button “Download hotfix”. What does happen in your case?

HI Martin,

It links me to this site:

And I click to log on to my partner source account,

then it link me to this page:

Without any hot fix download button, without search bar.

Could you please help.


Hi Martin,

If you can download this hot fix, could you please send it to me?

My email:

Many thanks for your kind help.


Use the Issue Search feature to find KB2919062 - it’s there exactly for that purpose. Get used to it - you’ll likely need more hotfixes in future.

Appreciate your help, Martin [:)]

Kind Regards,