How to display Temporary table data in form in axapta 2012

I have created a Temporary(TempDB) table and using my table as Data source for the existing form.

In form level, I am creating and updating records in my temporary table by using Temporary table buffer.

when I run the form, my fields are not displaying data in form, but when I change the form type as regular table, I am able to see the data.

what I should I do to display data in my form from Temporary table.

Please help me.



I assume that you have temporary data in another buffer and you want to show them in the form. Use the linkPhysicalTableInstance() method to link the buffer used by the form data source with your data.

If it doesn’t address your problem, please tell us more about it.

Thank you Martin, I got resolved with linkPhysicalTableInstance().

Thanks you very much.


You’re welcome. Just please mark the verified solution next time.

Can you add any sample code to link temporary table to form Martin?

Just search forms in AOT for the method (I don’t know which type of temporary table you’re talking about) to find examples in the standard AX application. To give you a few of them, AifServiceReferences shows an InMemory table, DMFCustomWizard uses a TempDB table.