How to display Location code in Table Column caption

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as we have a different geographical locations (by countries) end user. i am creating a report to update an item history (eg: purchase, sales,availability qty) by location.

eg (Item Balance By Location)

  1. Item No.
  2. Item Brand
  3. Item Part No.
  4. Total Purchase- Location1
  5. Total Sales- Location1
    6.Total Purchase- Location X

1.Number of field Total Purchase should be ‘dynamically’ changes with number of location.
2.Caption of field should reflect on location code
Item No. |Total Purchase-Bangkok|Total Purchase-Chiang Mai|Total Purchase-Pattaya|
A001 |10 |7 |34

I tried not to modified codeunit 1, so i used a function to return code of location
so in my table field
total purchase-location1, caption class i place: ‘Total Purchase -’ + GetName(1)
total purchase-location2, caption class i place: ‘Total Purchase -’ + GetName(2)

Result? When I run my table… the field caption is missing?! :o



For this kind of requirement report is not a best solution. you can use matrix forms to show all the information as same as Item by location form (Form No 491).

you need to do some modifications to that form.


Jerome marshal. J

I am newbie and not understand the thread started by you. Please clear it .

hi marshal,

appreciate your reply… we had a form that does what you describe onindividual item… but for a list of items not yet its similar to aging report… except that it provides more details information like total purchase, total sales by year and current availability by location.

anyhow, you had experiences or came across any solutions for putting location code into table column caption?

Hi Nikeman,

Wat ever you said is correct, if the report needs to show multiple information then matrix form will not be useful. also NAV we cannot dynamically increase or decrease the no of columns in a report.Even Aging report also will not dynamically increase the no columns in report.

so that only way is you have to design your report with array or variables


Jerome marshal. J

hi marshal,

thanks for acknowledging my assumptions…

however any suggestions for displaying location code on column caption without modifying codeunit 1?