How to display LineAmount


I have created new module same as PurchTable Form .

But I can’t display the LineAmount when only put the qty & UnitPrice.

So, Please tell me how to multiply qty & unitprice and display the LineAmount in PurchLine.


You need override the table method “modified field”…

write a case for the field - unitPrice.

in that wirte your code for multilication if qty * unitprice…

here there will be a problem if you have given unitPrice first after that qty the above code will not work…

If you observe the same thing PO - the unitPrice will become zero when ever the qty is modified…

take a look at that…

Hi Akshya.


  1. open PurchTable Form in designer mode on LineAmount

  1. right click , view properties

  2. SouceExp = qty * UnitPrice (if you / then u need to check divisior <>0 to avoid infinity loop , here multiple no problem)

5 save & compile.

result : it automatically multiple as u enter

solution 2 :hack [:P]

open any purchase subform save as 50000 & name PurchTable form & remove unwanted column as it already working in standard Navision


samu Thangadurai

Hi Akshay,

Set a breakpoint in modified method under Forms → PurchTable → DS → PurchLine → Fields → PurchQty and follow the code.

You can see it does many things including checking unit conversion, trade agreements etc


@ Samu, do you realise you replied to Ax query? [:)]

Harish My gosh … that was Navision