How to display company logo when logged into NAV?

When i am opening my navision with my database say abc.fdb then in the left hand side the columns comes which include financial management,purchase,sales and many more and the right hand size is blank if i want to add my company logo and information on that blank space,how i can do this?..

thanks in advance

You need to create a Form with Company Logo (check Company Information Form)

You need to write code to open new form in Codeunit 1 companyopen function.

Please search the forum for more help…

Please explain me more clearly…where i have to write code?

Have you check on Company information form/page as Mohana suggested ???

yes i checked the form…there is a company logo there…i want to knw where to write the code ang what to write? thanks in advance

Do you want to open Company Information Page or do you have any Page with only Logo?

I dont have any form with company logo only,my companyinfo form contains everything logo,name,address etc.i understand that i have to make one form that include the company logo bt what i have to do after that.Thanks in advance

You need to Open Codeunit 1 in design mode

search for CompanyOpen function


FORM.RUN(FORM::“Your Form name here”);

Thanks for this bt there is some problem as the whole output of that form is coming including border line and close button and a general tab bt i only want to print the company logo.please tell me what to do.

Thanks In Advance

You need to set BorderStyleto None and also check what type form have you created.

Create a blank form with Picture Box only…

Ok,Now i am creating a new blank form with picture box only,then how do i retreive company logo from company information table?

Please chech Form346 for reference

Can you tell me after running this form 346 what will be the output…in my navision the output is a blank page and this same output is coming in my form also.that’s why i am asking from where i retrieve the logo…and for that i have to define the table company information,then i am getting output which include the close button and border.please help

Please contact your senior in office for help…

Hi Priya,

It is showing blank because you have not imported any picture in it

First run the form and import the picture using Import button which is displayed in bottom .

You will see the picture on the form

You can use this form progamming /logic for your customized form