How to display combined default dimension values?

Hi there,

Am trying to display multiple default dimensions values into one combined values, separated by –



You need to use DimensionAttributeValueSetItem table.

Have a look at \Data Dictionary\Tables\LedgerJournalTrans\Methods\defaultDimensionDisplay_RU


i want to display for PO dimensions

You can use the same code and use PurchLine.DefaultDimension


while select DisplayValue from dimensionAttrValueSetItem
where dimensionAttrValueSetItem.DimensionAttributeValueSet == PurchLine.DefaultDimension
ret += (ret ? accountDelimiter : ‘’) + dimensionAttrValueSetItem.DisplayValue;

the methods(defaultDimensionDisplay_RU) should it be in DimensionAttributeValueSetItem table or the form

It doesn’t need to be anywhere. I was just giving you a code reference on how to get the display value.

Where you are trying to display the dimension values?

on a from(PurchLineOpenOrder) on a gridview

Write a display method on table and use similar logic (as i shown in my example).

Thanks Buddy