How to disable user from paste value to a string control on form?

hi everyone,

I have a request from my customer that disable user to paste value to a string control on form in dynamics 365 for finance and operation.
I was copy initilized event handler of form and I tried to override method paste of that string control but it’s not work.

So could yous help me to solve this problem.


Why don’t you override the task method on the form? You can reset the control as null if the task id is 772 which is Ctrl + V

I tried overried task method on the form from class with ExtensionOf. but it’s not work, too.

What exactly are you trying to achieve?

Making the field read-only?

Or do you want to allow users to type in values manually but not copying them from somewhere else? That would achieve nothing except of reducing their productivity…

Hi martin. I want to allow users to type in values manually but not copying them from somewhere else. because user want to a field to confirm their password and that fied not allow to copying them from somewhere else. Could you help me?

This may helpful to you…

Hi Gopinath, Thanks for your reply. I tried it. But it didn’t work in dynamics 365.

Why do you consider typing safer than copying the password from a password manager? Don’t you think that it’s actually safer if users don’t have to write passwords in front of other users and that using password managers allow them to use stronger and unique passwords? Many security experts do think so.

Hi martin. Thanks for your suggested. But I have another similar request. User have a field with name ID and they wanr to re-confirm that field in another field with name Re-confirmation ID. So field Re-confirmation ID not allow copying from somewhere else.

Logic or safety, doesn’t always beat customer policies. Same as with password changes every x days. Most still have it, even though it has been proven to make passwords less secure, than using a longer password which is more memorable. [emoticon:b5038b8386d240d3adfaf15c98300abc]

Hi Erik. Thanks for your reply. But i want a control that only allow users to type in values manually and not copying them from somewhere else.

Regarding your problem with task(), can you explain what you did and what you mean by " it’s not work"?

Hi martin.

I’m wrote code like below


But user stil allow to copying to field ReConfirmAccountNum and system not show info “abc”.

I don’t think your method will be called at all.

I’m not sure whether what you want is either a good idea or technically possible, therefore I wouldn’t waste much time with it if I was you.