How to Disable Save button in toolbar

How to Disable save button in toolbar i Have already Changed data source properties allow edit to no but it is possible to edit the content and save it so i need to disable the save button i am beginner in AX…

You can make use of user permissions, if the case is : you want some one to edit and some one not to edit.

If you don’t want to allow anyone to edit the data, allow edit - “no” should work. Does your form contains more than one data source?

hai thanks for u reply … i already given allow edit to no and form has 3 data source

Then it should work. Change property of all the data sources, so that the data related to those tables will also remain un-editable.

Hai i already changed all data source edit to no but can able to edit the data and save the data … i have attached the screenshot 3022.screenshot.jpg

Hi Ramesh,

The settings what you have done will work perfect,but Please check once again.


on each data source, check if there is a method called “Active”. if so, there may be code in there that is overriding your properties. The functions i am referring to are…

this.allowDelete(false); //false to disable delete, true to enable, same for all other attributes

Thanks Nathan its working fine