How to disable NEW button on any form!?

Hi All,

how to disable NEW button on any form toolbar?

which shown below in picture.

go to link to see image, as insert image button not working here!!…/newPost.png.html

set datasource propetries “Allowcreate=false”



Hi Ram,

Thank you its working fine, but i need one modification. in that same form when i select grid then this button should be enabled & as i lost focus to that grid i need that button disabled.

how to fecth this grid lost focus & got focus!?

Thank you again.

and do you have any idea about how to add extra button on this toolbar?

as we need to provide our help for AX form

is it possible!!?

in your active methode on the datasource you can set the following porperty


Hi Mehul,

did u got the solution for that adding a button on toolbar…

i need the same, if u got the solution pls let me know.



hi… if you set


then if I create record with Create option, then the record is not editable.

Can anyone help me out of this?