How to Disable Copy(Ctrl+C) Option

Dear How to disable Copy(Ctrl+c) (Right Click) Option from selected User

I believe that Ctrl+C is more part of the OS than the Nav application so you might not be able to stop it from Nav, unless someone on here has a neat trick? T

Hi Chirag / Tony,

You can get around the Ctrl-C but not the right click copy. To get around the Ctrl-C - create a menu button and add a menu item with Ctrl+C as the shortcut. This will fire the onpush code and ignore the copy

Hi Folks,

Thinking about this some more - you can set the focusable property to No for the control which will not allow the user to right click on a field. This will work on list forms as well (on the list control). To control it by user you would need two controls (or forms!) and enable/disable as appropriate which gets messy.

Hope this helps.

That kind of defeats the purpose of data entry doesn’t it [^o)]

I suspose your right - even if they can’t copy, if they can see it then there alway the marvellous invention called “The Pen” or the high tech equivelent print screen. [:)]

My stock reply to customers who ask for this is “if you don’t trust the people who work for you, they should not be working for you in the first place”. There are a thousand ways to get data out of systems, and you won’t be able to stop someone who really wants to get that information out.

Daniel, although I do agree with you in the “trust the people” statement, then previously I really wanted to disable this Ctrl-C (Copy) function also. But not because we didn’t trust the people, but because some of the users in some of our subsidiaries had the habit of using this a lot to copy data from ex. customer list to excel. And in a company with +50000 customers then doing this basically “killed” the database for all other users whilst it was doing this. So it really makes good sense to be able to disable it in some forms.