how to disable a dialog box

Hi everybody,

This is my first post on this forum, i hope someone can help me.

I have modified the report ProjInvoice in AX 2009 and the dialog box that pops at the begining is now irrelevant…

How can I disable this dialog box, it seems to be called from the class RunBaseReport.?


Hi, if you are talking about that standard dialog, where you set up printing options, standard table ranges etc., then check the “Interactive” parameter for Query in datasources. It should be: Interactive=No

Hi Benoit,

In addition to that Change the interactve property of the Report to No…

The interactive property of the query was already to, “No”, and the Dialog box was showing, so I 'm not sure what this property does :-S.

Be when I set the interactive property of the report to “No”, the dialog box disapeared, so it’s working :slight_smile: .

Thanks a lot to both of you.

Hi, I had report where i needed to disable dialog, but now i want to add some parameters in dialog (i dont need query, just few parameters), so i changed properties to interactive = yes, but now, report query is empty. What i should do?

hi guys i have one issue on the same…

i need to disable the query range dialog box. when am generating the report from the form…

the dialog box which i want to disable is given below…

do the needful