How to differentiate same data source in Query

Hi All,

I have created query like below screen shot.


My main table have Debit account and Accrual account field which have relations with “DimensionAttributevalueCombination” table RecId. I will try to get the debit account recId and accrual account RecId from “DimensionAttributevalueCombination”.Please suggest how to get the individual “DimensionAttributevalueCombination” recId’s.

Please suggest.


The image is not clearly visible. Can you please attach another one?

From the title, you may have to use queryRun.getNo(),

Use the occurrence parameter in the get method,
queryRun.get(tableNum(DimensionAttributevalueCombination, 1);
queryRun.get(tableNum(DimensionAttributevalueCombination, 2);;


you can also use queryRun.getNo();

Hi Kranthi,
Thanks for your reply…
Loop gets loaded baseed on data source added in query,How to restrict only once…


Is this what you are looking for?