How to delete vat entries on dynamics nav 2018

Dears ,

i made a copy company from Cronus dynamics nav 2018 and deleted all entries successfully except VAt Entries still not able to delete them.

i tried hard to delete vat entries but the delete button is shown as not active i tried many ways,

  • opened page no.315 from object designer delete button is not active, i change the page properties and marked with yes ( delete allowed | editable ) fields. after this delete still not active.

  • opened table no.254 from object designer, tried to delete entries, deleting is not allowed and delete button is not active.

i navigate VAT entries and they are not applied to any other entries, all entries are deleted successfully except VAT entries.

Hi Hossamsaad,

It must be hard to delete any entries in an ERP system, because doing so (I a live company) is considered fraud in most countries. So Microsoft (and Navision before them) have basically build in as many restrictions as possible. So many that I would have thought it to be impossible to do with a customer license. Only Microsoft partner licenses allow for deletion of entries

Typically they tell you what the problem is, when you are trying to delete them. So it would be helpful if you would share the error massage you are getting. Otherwise it is very difficult to help you.